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Faced with large numbers of soon-to-retire employees? Turnover among high-potentials? Talk to us about solutions that engage your employees, reduce your risk and protect your revenue. 


If you’re successful but not satisfied, in the midst of a traditional career, or want to unretire, we can help you decide what’s next. You have more options than you think.


Challenge Factory is the North American leader in developing and implementing creative and practical solutions for the aging workforce. Tap into our latest ideas and news about the exciting things we’re doing. 

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Challenge Factory clients see career transition as an opportunity instead of a threat. Our corporate clients are ready for new thinking when it comes to talent management and succession planning. Our individual clients are "successful, but not satisfied" and ready to explore new career paths.

Challenge Factory’s fresh thinking, unique processes and tools—and our passion—have led to assignments with some of Canada’s largest organizations.

If you are a business leader with large numbers of employees approaching retirement, you will want to complete our complimentary corporate assessment and we'll be in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

If you are an individual looking for help finding a more satisfying career, take the Career Mindset Assessment or browse our catalogue of individual programs.

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July 2014

What's a manager to do? Career Conversations for Managers

Jul, 21 2014 12:59 PM
Lisa Taylor

Career management, like leadership, starts with the individual. In the busy-ness of performance review cycles, it is often overlooked that to be a great career manager you have to first be secure, confident and proactive about your own career. Yes, you are an executive or a manager. But you are also an employee. Let's start with you.

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June 2014

Is "Norm from Cheers" your career role model?

Jun, 19 2014 2:40 PM
Lisa Taylor

In the classic sitcom Cheers, Norm walks into the bar every night to be welcomed by name from all of the patrons. He sits in the same seat, has the same pint and launches into basically the same conversations with the same friends.

At work, there is something distinctly comforting walking into the building and having everyone know your name, having the day's activities be predictable. You know who you will see and what to expect. It may not be exciting, but you certainly won't be caught off guard or forced into an unpleasant situation.

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