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People change careers for all sorts of reasons at all stages of life. You may be early in your career and want to change companies. You may be in mid-career and feel an itch to try something completely different. Maybe you’ve retired (or soon will) and know you’ve got gas in the tank and new contributions to make.

Meet some typical Challenge Factory clients:

Confident woman

Gail feels stalled

“This situation was great for the first few years, but I seem to be outgrowing the career path I see ahead.”


Mid career man

Josh has an itch

“My reviews are great and I like my co-workers, but I often think I should be doing something completely different.”


Woman photographer

Maya wants back in

“I’ll never regret the 25 years I spent being home for my kids. But they’re gone now and I’m ready for something new.”


Mature man

Kent’s not into a senior’s lifestyle

“Retirement sounds great. But after I’ve planted a garden, finished the basement and taken the big trip, what’s next?



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Our most popular programs are available in our online catalogue. Of course, we are always available to talk with you to find just the right program for your budget, career circumstances and interests.

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Our programs are experiential, which means our clients get out and do new things as they consider their next steps.

You work with your coach, but you also draw upon the strengths and experiences of the Challenge Factory community. Our clients like getting together and helping each other achieve great heights.

A good career change strategy doesn't start with your resume. Here's why.

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About Challenge Factory: Innovative workforce transformation, talent management and coaching solutions

Challenge Factory is Canada’s leader in workforce transformation solutions that address changing demographics. We are research and analytics based, apply new thinking to programs we offer individual clients and develop innovative, practical solutions for organizations.
Our approach identifies longevity as a catalyst for change. As Boomers shift career patterns, there are implications for Gen X and Gen Y employees. Our clients are trailblazers in today’s Talent Revolution, capitalizing on new opportunities while minimizing workforce risk and cost. Our Legacy Careers® Toolkit includes consulting, training and coaching programs for employees, managers and leadership teams. We are always available to discuss your specific needs.


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