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About the Centre for Career Innovation

Overview and Purpose

The Centre for Career Innovation challenges individuals of all ages to take control of their own careers and helps organizations unlock the full potential of their workforces. We believe that workplaces and workforces and experiencing unprecedented change. Demographics, a freelance economy and the changing nature of work present enormous opportunity to those who know how best to navigate. 

We are a pioneer in intergenerational programming and see career development across the full lifespan as a catalyst for personal, organizational and national prosperity. The Centre for Career Innovation houses expertise from dozens of disciplines, from HR to communications, law to analytics, career development to video production. Our instructors and partners believe in today’s workforce and are excited to be leaders in the career patterns of tomorrow. We are workforce futurists who are well grounded in today’s workplace reality.

We bring innovative career and workforce programs, curriculum and community together to inform, educate and transform workplace practice.

What is Career Innovation?

Career innovation is the practice of thinking differently about career, work, employment and productivity in order to create new opportunities for today’s workforces to solve some of our most complex problems. 

Career theory and development is a distinct field of study that is often misunderstood or underestimated in its relevance to today’s economy. While everyone in the workforce has a career, few understand how careers evolve, what stages careers move through along the lifespan and how strong career strategy can be a competitive advantage – for individuals as well as for organizations. 

Organizations who focus on career innovation harness the power of their workforce, capitalize on an aging demographic and implement leading practices relevant to today’s freelance economy.

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