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Research Study: A Question of Style 

How does working style impact Veteran hiring in Canada?

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Project Status: Open.

This project is currently open for participation and data analysis is underway for all responses recieved from July 1, 2017-August 25, 2017. Please continue to participate. Second round of data analysis will take place in late fall 2017. 

The Opportunity – New Learning for Military to Civilian Career Transition Support Programs

In 2016 Challenge Factory, funded a proof of concept study to test an innovative approach to Veteran career transition. Challenge Factory brought Veterans and civilians together in an integrated career transition class/cohort where all participants were facing career transitions that had significant impact on identity. This blended program was the first in Canada to bring together transitioning corporate and military populations as peers.

In the initial program cohort, interesting and revealing working-style based characteristics were identified among military Members and Veterans that are not as common within the civilian corporate population. Civilian hiring is all about fit. Fit is often determined early in the networking and interviewing process based on communication style. An evidence-based understanding of differences in communication style brings to light promising and transforming new insights for educational tools for releasing and transitioning members as well as for the civilian employer community.

Realizing Potential

Studies have found that Canadian Veterans are experiencing a number of challenges when releasing from the Military. Often, civilian employers don’t understand the value and experience that a Veteran brings to corporate Canada. Challenge Factory and its partners believe that building a pathway to success begins with great data - data we already have discovered from our direct contact with Veterans and employers, as well as new insights we are hoping to discover. This study’s focus is quantitative, evidence-based findings that impact Veteran career transition success.

In its work with Canadian corporations, Challenge Factory has identified a leadership candidate pipeline gap specifically for experienced managers and experienced skilled trades. Challenge Factory and its partners know that Veteran candidates are ideally suited to fill this gap. Today’s business executives are in search of those who are able to make critical decisions, work with teams, manage expectations, holds a desire to invoke change, and drive direction to reach goals. We are looking to quantify the value of military leadership experience and bridge the career interests of recently released Veterans and the needs of Canadian businesses to create a pipeline of talent and workers to benefit our society as a whole. In many cases, successful hiring all comes down to style and fit.

This study invites all currently serving Members, Veterans and hiring managers to complete a confidential assessment that will take between 30-45 minutes. By participating, you will contribute to better data available to assist Veterans now and in the future while uncovering key learning corporate managers need to understand the value of Veteran candidates.  Your completion of the assessment will contribute to companies finding the candidates they need and to ensure that new data is available to support Veterans better as they make their transition to civilian life.

Read the FAQs we've received about participating in this study.

Benefits of Participation

There are many reasons why you should participate in this study. This year is the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge, Canada is hosting the Invictus Games in Toronto and the Federal Government recently announced a 70% increase in military spending. It is an exceptional time for organizations and the military to learn more about each other. 

If you are a Veteran: You will receive a personalized leadership assessment report that is specific to you, confidential and highlights your own leadership and communication style, your key motivators and your score on 25 civilian leadership competencies. Prior to receiving the report you will be invited to register for a webinar where this report will be explained and suggestions for how to use it to help you in your own career transition or leadership development will be provided. The value of this webinar and customized report is $500+ and it is provided at no charge as part of this research study.

If you are an Organization/Employer:  You will receive a copy with the summary research findings and be invited to attend a webinar where more detailed results related to talent, perceptions of leadership competence, recruitment and diversity & inclusion will be shared. We can also, upon request, provide you with a customized summary report that shows how your responses compared with others who participated in this study, which can be the starting point for you to consider where to start to develop or improve a military hiring program.

Acknowledging Project Partners

This project is developed with the funding and support of the following organizations:

  • Challenge Factory
  • Target Training International (TTI)
  • CERIC (Canadian Education and Research Institute in Counselling)
  • Veterans Affairs Canada

We also acknowledge the following dissemination and research partners supporting this project:

If you would like your organization to participate in a customized version of this study, or if you would like to support the development and dissemination of the findings, please contact Lisa Taylor.

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