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Welcome to the Challenge Factory Blog.

We thrive on ideas – the biggest one (for us) being that demographics are forcing both organizations and individuals to rethink career paths, productivity and employment structures. 

Lisa and the Challenge Factory team share case studies, research and expertise with policy makers, companies, associations and institutions looking to better understand and capitalize on changing demographics. 


We had a fantastic conversation at April's Coffee and Careers that was focused on Lifelong Learning. It's a conversation that fits in perfectly with the idea of “Reinventing Yourself.”  Lifelong learning keeps us engaged, curious and relevant. And it takes many forms.
There is informal learning which is really about paying attention to life and learning from our experiences, rather than just going through the motions. Then there is formal learning - specific courses offered for specific purposes.
Our conversation steered more towards the formal.

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How can small businesses benefit from career management tools? And what can large enterprises learn from small business owners? How can businesses of all sizes turn to career management to make sense of today’s ever-changing world of work and the Future of Work?

These are the questions that will be discussed at the May 11th Toronto book launch for Retain and Gain: Career Management for Small Business.

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Once a year, through most of Canada, there is a magical week. It is that moment when we realize we are almost finished with the winter thaw and there is evidence that a full and lasting spring is arriving. It doesn’t happen at the same time in each region – but it does eventually come to every corner of the country.

This time of year always generates articles and discussions focused on rejuvenation.  The focus on the promise of the new season inspires us to reinvent, reinvigorate and resuscitate our careers. Indeed, we see a surge of new clients starting programs that focus on career iteration at this time of year.

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Running a small business requires a diverse set of skills: product development, customer management, operations, financial analysis, marketing, etc. In large organizations, there are departments staffed with specialists, but in small- and medium-sized businesses who employ 90.3% of Canada’s private sector workforce, business owners oversee almost every function.

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Career change doesn't have to be threatening to your identity or risky to your sense of self. You are much more than your job. Once you believe this, others will too.

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We think the holidays are a natural time to reflect and ask big questions. Even before 2016 ends, we are already captured by what lies ahead. Here are 10 questions Challenge Factory will tackle in 2017:

1. How can small- and mid-sized businesses use career management tools to...

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Dr. Nasreen Khatri answers some questions arising from our last blog, "Today's Truths and 3 Tools to Restore Optimism".

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What does it mean when those who have successfully done the hard work to improve society admit defeat and lose their optimism? How does a lack of optimism affect all of us in our everyday work? 

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Dr. Khatri becomes Challenge Factory's first Scientist in Residence. This award-winning psychologist and gerontologist supports good data and good science as a path to healthier, more productive workplaces.

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Let's not go back to work. Let's go forward in our careers. What step will you take towards the future?

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