It's a business book, yet so very personal

 Apr 15, 2019 3:00 PM

The Talent Revolution launches next week, and I am fully of nervous energy. Friends have noticed that I don’t seem to know what to do with myself.

It is thrilling to open my inbox and see messages from clients and colleagues like, “This topic was begging to be addressed and I love that you brought a data-driven, case study approach to it.” Others excitedly send me photos of newspaper ads for the book that they stumbled upon over Saturday morning coffee. Last week, we learned that the book will be sold in airports across the country starting May 6th – and I am imagining how it will feel to see it on tables as I buy gum on my way to Halifax next month. The book hasn’t officially launched yet and the second printing is already in the works as the publisher predicts within weeks it will be sold out.

It is terrifying. Despite being a business book, the work feels so very personal. It is a true reflection of how I think about the world of work. The international peer review process tested its relevance and rigour. But, there’s no hiding behind what other people have done, said or thought in this book. I set out to challenge traditional thinking and shake up the HR and Career Development world. It’s a revolution, after all.

It is about time! I started noticing the trends outlined in this book in 2003. I left my corporate career in 2009 to focus on the future of work full-time. I launched Challenge Factory in 2011 and my co-author and I signed our contract with University of Toronto Press in 2016. This launch has been a long-time coming and, at the same time, I feel that this is the perfect time for this book to be available. I know that it addresses key questions that organizations of all sizes are asking today, more than ever before.

So, my Challenge Factory community, help Fern and I celebrate this moment. It couldn’t have happened without the interactions we’ve had over the years. We wrote this book for everyone who senses the world of work is changing and wants new data, imagery and approaches to create what comes next. We wrote it for you.

Grab your copy and be in touch! I can’t wait to hear what you think, to speak at your events and to work with your teams (and, while we are at it, an Amazon review or two never hurts 😉). Welcome to the Talent Revolution.



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