Response to the Future Skills Centre Announcement

 Feb 14, 2019 1:00 PM

By: Lisa Taylor

This morning I participated in an announcement from the Government of Canada that had me sitting on the edge of my seat and solidified Challenge Factory’s dedication to career development and the Future of Work.

From news sources across the country the message is clear: The Canadian Government is taking action to ensure Canadian workers are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. Through a newly developed Future Skills Centre and Future Skills Council, priorities will be identified and new opportunities will be created to develop a stronger economy. The project is being operated by an innovative partnership between Ryerson University, the Conference Board of Canada and Blueprint.

Depending on your lens, sector, expertise or scope of work, the actions that we, as a country and individuals, must take can be tallied on a list a kilometer long. However, listening to this morning’s announcement, and the commitments of Future Skills Council members, our national call-to-action has been cemented into three key deliverables:

  1. We need a new way to have a national conversation on the Future of Work.
  2. Demographic change is the significant catalyst, with many other dimensions to consider.
  3. Other countries are also searching for how to create an inclusive, thriving Future of Work. We can learn from them - but also lead.

So why did this morning’s announcement have me sitting on the edge of my seat – bursting with pride? These three initiatives are, and have been, the focus of Challenge Factory’s mission and mode and we are both thrilled and extremely proud that we are in sync with the leaders of our nation.

Last January, Challenge Factory sponsored an interactive research project focused on developing a National Conversation on the Future of Work. The outcome was a 12 minute documentary and a beta conversation guide that challenges Canadians to shape the Future of Work. 

In a few weeks, my newest book, The Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work, hits the shelves.  It explores the impact of workforce demographics on the Future of Work and provides new, actionable strategies for turning an aging workforce into a competitive advantage.  I began the research for this book over 10 years ago yet started putting pen to paper within the last three.

Immediately after the book launch, I will be heading to Norway, as part of the Canadian team, for a global symposium that will bring together policy makers, career development professionals, researchers and employer and workplace representatives to discuss the way forward for global career development.

This morning’s announcement had all of us at Challenge Factory both passionate and poised for the road that lies ahead and the new paths we plan to carve for all Canadians in the Future of Work. 

We know the way to the future is through hyper-collaboration, capacity building and co-creation. Contact us if you, too, are sitting on the edge of your seat.



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