Intern Reflection Series - Lisa Taylor speaks about the program

 Aug 19, 2019 5:00 PM

Just when you think you know what to expect, surprises lurk around the corner. I was certainly surprised recently when our summer student interns presented what they had learned in their brief time at Challenge Factory. We have hired student interns for a number of years and have developed a program that blends individual student interest with real-time work products. No fetching coffee or making copies for our students. Instead, they run marketing campaigns, conduct research and create the foundation for works that will eventually be published.


In their final presentations, our students did share that they felt they had developed key skills this past summer. But, more importantly, our students shared a new sense of career ownership (the second of the five drivers shaping the Future of Work). I beamed as each student in turn spoke of career confidence, an openness to new options and an enthusiasm to explore different possibilities. They all commented on the lasting impact of their custom career exploration program. In their own articles, they identify a new awareness for small businesses as employers, a better appreciation of how to marry diverse interests in their work and how an opportunity to work in Canada challenged our Australian student to be independent, bold and self-sufficient.


Their presentations and reflections are a good reminder that successful careers are about much more than just skills. Sometimes, our focus on specific skill requirements, development and attainment overshadows what actually matters most in today’s world of work. We are so proud of our curious, capable and courageous students and wish them the best of luck as they return to campus in Kingston, Waterloo and Melbourne!


Be sure to read our interns' personal reflections about their experience:

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