Intern Reflection Series - A note from Zali

 Aug 20, 2019 10:00 AM

Coming to Toronto all the way from Melbourne, Australia for a six-week internship was a huge step out of my comfort zone, but a decision I have no regrets about making.  Interning at Challenge Factory this summer exposed me to a whole new environment and working culture as I explored the day-to-day operations and roles of a HR intern/employee.

I entered this internship wanting to experience real life work and put all the knowledge from my studies into practice.  While I learned all about working in teams and maintaining open communication with peers as well as time-management skills and self-confidence, a highlight of my internship would have to be the opportunity to organize and participate in a career development program with the other interns. This program is one that many other students my age do not have the opportunity to experience prior to the commencement of their careers.  It has filled my mind with many new options and career paths.  I now feel in control of my own future.

I hope to someday return to Toronto and visit the Challenge Factory team, as I cannot thank them enough for all their support, encouragement and wisdom they’ve provided over the course of my internship.

Bonus: Click here for my personal video journal about my experience.



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