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Video: Thinking About Making A Change? Meet Ken...

Current Research Study

Video: Thinking About Making A Change? Meet Ken...


A Question of Style: Does working style impact Veteran hiring in Canada?

This study is supported by CERIC and sponsored by the Canadian Armed Forces, DND and Veterans Affairs. 

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Different uniform. Same skills.

From military leader to corporate ladder. It’s not starting over.

When transitioning from military to civilian life it’s critically important to recognize that your skills DO translate and your experience IS needed.

A look at current workforce data shows that companies have identified a lack of sufficient internal candidates for the leadership roles they will need to fill over the next decade. And it’s not the exception, the average company has identified an urgent need for people with 10-15+ years of experience who are ready to step into leadership roles, help teams navigate change and build vibrant cultures. At the same time, entrepreneurship is on the rise and new businesses need operational support as they launch and grow.

The Workforce Wants YOU.

Companies and new businesses are looking for someone exactly like you.

The "Leaders Helping Leaders" Legacy Program brings transitioning military personnel and retiring corporate leaders together to explore what’s next.

By providing a group that includes transitioning civilian leaders you will begin your integration and networking, with an expanded frame of reference, right from the beginning.

This program is currently accepting applications from Veterans and corporate participants. The course begins with a 2.5 hour workshop in Toronto. All remaining sessions are delivered online.

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Learn more about our Legacy Approach and SweetSpot Methodology.


Our four-step program:



Building the Foundation for your Legacy Career®

  • Tackle assumptions and concerns
  • Take a professional civilian leadership assessment
  • Forge new relationships and be part of a team  

Define your Legacy Career®

  • Learn how to evaluate options
  • Be clear about your needs, talents and areas of interest.
  • Learn about market conditions and hidden local opportunities.
  • Choose your next career direction

Create your Legacy Career® Transition Plan

  • Create a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile
    that is tailored to your next career direction
  • Learn how to network with intent
  • Prepare for job interviews or business launch meetings
  • Get feedback from recruiters, HR managers and other professionals

Launch your Legacy Career®

  • Transition with purpose and support from your team
  • Build your network
  • Engage in meaningful community and volunteer activities




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