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Challenge Factory’s fresh approach to the aging workforce attracts attention from local and international media outlets.

Here are some of our recent media mentions. Our President, Lisa Taylor, often writes for or is interviewed by publications looking for new ideas based on research and real client experiences. She can be reached at

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31.10.18 When managers are not comfortable having career conversations - Charity Village

24.10.18 New Playbook gives non-profit leaders new tools to retain and engage staff - Hilborn: Charity e-news

14.10.18 Doing better by doing good - Paul Nazareth

23.02.18 Learn about key trends reshaping the workplace at the Benefits and Pension Summit - Benefits Canada

01.03.18 The brood of millenials who can't find jobs aren't alone. Another demographic is in the same mess - Financial Post

04.01.18 Shaping the talent revolution: Decoding the future of work - HR Reporter

04.01.18 Careful planning key to winning: Four SCNetwork members discuss Lisa Taylor’s future of work presentation - HR Reporter

02.01.18 The brood of millennials who can't find jobs aren't alone. There's another demographic in the same mess - Financial Post




11.01.17 Veterans face bias when making career transitions - Sun Media

07.19.17 Made in Canada: How to attract and retain top talent - The Globe and Mail

07.09.17 At work, drop the word ‘millennial,’ and ditch the job title too - The Globe and Mail

06.22.17 Employers must prepare for retirees’ ‘encore’ careers - Benefits Canada

05.23.17 Ageism in the Workplace? - TVOs 'The Agenda' with Steve Paikin

05.18.17 Retiring frees up 2,000 extra hours a year - MoneySense

04.27.17 How to offer career pathing and growth opportunities at your small business - Workopolis

03.16.17 Career Paths Retain Talent - Toronto Sun 

02.02.17 3 SMB trends for 2017 that every employer needs to know - Workopolis

01.30.17 Retaining and Engaging Top Performers with Career Management - Actionable Books

01.23.17 Retain and Gain - Actionable Books

01.23.17 New Career Management for Small Business Playbook helps to retain and develop talent - IT Business Net

01.23.17 Small Biz Employees (Lisa Taylor discusses small business) - CBC Ottawa Morning with Hallie Cotnam

01.23.17 New Career Management for Small Business Playbook helps to retain and develop talent - CERIC Media Advisory

01.16.17 Work and employment trends to be explored at Canada's largest career development conference in Ottawa - CERIC Media Advisory




12.30.16 Workplace themes to embrace in 2017 - Globe and Mail

12.29.16 Job hopping: everything employers need to know - Workopolis

12.14.16 Employees moving from big corporate to small business can be in for a shock - Globe and Mail

11.17.16 Planning Your Next Career - Toronto Sun (Also appeared on page 16 of the November 14 issue of 24 Hours Toronto)

10.30.16 Won't more working seniors squeeze millennials out of the workforce? - Globe and Mail, Carrick Talks Money

10.28.16 Retirement And The Future Of Work - Leading Essentially Blog

10.25.16 What are the best professions for working past age 65? - Globe and Mail, Carrick Talks Money

10.23.16 Retirement at age 75 - seriously? - Globe and Mail, Carrick Talks Money

08.25.16 Turn that hobby into a career - Toronto Sun

06.25.16 Canadians are working longer and retiring later - The National, CBC News

06.19.16 Goodbye Freedom 55: More Canadians spend their retirement years working - CBC News, Business

05.27.16 How to blend millennials with gen-Xers and boomers at work - TVO, The Agenda

05.26.16 Three tips for Gen Y to navigate the work force - Globe and Mail

03.24.16 Who Needs Retirement! Three Thoughts On An Engaged Life After Age 50 - Leading Essentially Blog

02.21.16 Companies Tap Alumni for New Business and New Workers - Wall Street Journal

02.09.16 Is a midlife career change a retirement killer? - Globe and Mail

01.26.16 Four Key Words To Help You Define An Inspired Future - Leading Essentially Blog




12.23.15 After retirement, ‘legacy career’ brings a rewarding sense of purpose - Globe and Mail

11.12.15 Part 2 - Later life careers, demographic shifts and Hollywood’s “The Intern”: A discussion with Suzanne Cook and Lisa Taylor - CERIC

11.12.15 Part 1 - Later life careers, demographic shifts and Hollywood’s “The Intern”: A discussion with Suzanne Cook and Lisa Taylor - CERIC

10.07.15 Older workers and 'legacy careers' ('The Intern') - Toronto Sun

10.04.15 What's your reaction to the news that seniors now outnumber children in Canada? - CBC Radio, Cross Country Checkup

09.25.15 How the movie The Intern reflects on real life issues of ageism and the difficulty of making a career change later in life - CanadaTalks SiriusXM 167

09.24.15 Coming of age: How older employees are re-inventing themselves - The Globe and Mail

08.24.15 1010 Radio - 'The Night Side': The reality of the shrinking work force, how to adjust after a lay-off, how to re-invent yourself and how to love your job again

06.09.15 We may be saving enough, yet still not be ready for retirement - Financial Independence Hub

06.08.15 Career Services Readiness Assessment: Are you prepared for the talent revolution? - CERIC

05.15.15 Why Work probably won’t end after your Findependence Day - Financial Independence Hub

04.16.15 75 is the new 65 - Your Workplace Magazine

02.23.15 Financial Advisor: Adding Life to Years

01.23.15 HR's Senior Moment: The Case for Retaining, Engaging Mature Workers
This article, from US online education giant examines the case for taking a life stage approach to Legacy Careers(R). Challenge Factory research and an interview with Lisa Taylor is heavily cited.




11.12.14 The Center on Aging & Work - Change Is Coming to the Workforce: Will You Run Towards It, or Will You Run Away?

11.04.14 Financial Post - The entitled Millennial? The Boomer who won’t retire? Is it time to toss the clichés?

10.27.14 24 Hours Toronto - Don't waste my time!

10.15.14 Calgary Herald - Beyond stereotypes: The challenges and opportunities of our multi-generational workforce

10.05.14 ThirdQuarter - Chang School hosts panel discussion on aging in the Canadian workforce

09.02.14 Company of Women - Three Back To School Lessons For Business

07.29.14 YouInc - A Modest Proposal: The 3-Day Work Week

06.27.14 Globe and Mail - Why do workers have a love-hate relationship with vacations?

06.17.14 The Toronto Sun - Do you rely on opinions, advice or career expertise?

05.06.14 Pivot Magazine: Dispelling the Age Myths of Entrepreneurship

04.17.14 Globe and Mail: My commerce degree is wasted at work

04.08.14 YouInc - Ask an Expert

04.03.14 CBC News - Readers discuss older workers staying in the workforce

03.11.14 CBC News - Unemployment: Older workers waiting for the revolution

03.11.14 CBC Radio - Older workers waiting for jobs

02.04.14 Canadian Underwriter Magazine

02.01.14 Revolutions, Demographics and Legacy Careers
Feature article in Careering Magazine (starts on page 11)

01.21.14 Lisa Taylor on The Zoomer with Conrad Black and Denise Donlon
Tune into the panel discussion on the future of work that includes Challenge Factory President, Lisa Taylor and Challenge Factory client Tracey Grievson.

01.16.14 Charity Village - Networking: Making it work for You

01.13.14 Scotiabank - Get Growing for Business: How to Attract Top Talent on a Budget

01.09.14 Careering: Revolutions, Demographics and Legacy Careers®




10.26.13 Financial Post: Bridging Generational Divide a Challenge For Business Educators

09.30.13 Sun Media: Flexible Work Arrangements are not just for Millenials: Retention Strategies
Originally Published in Sun Media Publications on Sept 30, 2013.

08.19.13 Globe and Mail - Jobless stigma lingers in working world

08.07.13 Globe and Mail: Older Workers Open New Doors with Help of a Career Coach

07.23.13 Sun Media: Getting Unstuck at Work

07.09.13 CBC Radio 1: How to survive a job you hate

06.10.13 Toronto Star: Succession planning for family business: Think beyond tax. legal and estate planning

05.29.13 Toronto Star: Employee Engagment: lessons from the non-profit sector

05.09.13 ScotiaBank: Get Growing for Business

05.03.13 Toronto Star: HR to engage senior employees

04.18.13 Great Work Interview with Michael Bungay Stanier
Lisa and Michael talk careers, employee engagement and demographics.

04.04.13 Toronto Star: Three powerful reasons women seek career change in retirement

02.08.13 Toronto Star: Why I replaced myself

02.05.13 CBC Doc Zone: The Boomer Revolution
This documentary on Boomers included Challenge Factory President Lisa Taylor and our clients as part of the research segment into entrepreneurship among Canadians who are 50+

01.19.13 Globe and Mail: There's no best before date for work life - Leah Eichler




12.20.12 Toronto Star: Value Career Advice from Professionals

12.07.12 Toronto Star:Work where you are valued

11.02.12 Toronto Star: Talent vs Career Management

10.26.12 Toronto Star: You are not running out of time

10.16.12  The change generation: Gen Y is fighting for their respect, careers and futures

10.12.12 Toronto Star: Should I stay or take early retirement?

09.27.12 Charity Village: Ready to lead and not ready to leave: The demographic conundrum

09.06.12 Globe and Mail: How can I discover a new career?

09.06.12 Globe and Mail: Before changing industries, consider your time, money and motivation

08.07.12 Toronto Star: Test driving careers before making a change

08.06.12 Webtalk Radio - The new retirement show
The new retirment show interviews Lisa Taylor (forward to 37:mins 26 sec for Lisa's interview)

07.30.12 Globe and Mail: Where can I find a coach that is right for me?

06.18.12 AM 740 - Dale Goldhawk Interivew
AM 740 Zoomer Radio talked to Lisa about the future of work and careers

06.01.12 Toronto Star: Retirement: An offensive word

05.18.12 Toronto Star: What to do with senior workers

05.11.12 Toronto Star: Finding a place for Gen X workers

05.09.12 Toronto Star: The new fear of commitment 

04.30.12 MaRS: Video: A focus on workplace wellness  featuring Lisa Taylor and Challenge Factory was created after a day long summit on the Business of Aging.


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