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Retain & Gain: Career Management for Small Business is now available for download.

Retain and Gain: Career Management for Small Business is an action-focused playbook with:

  • 15+ Did You Know? Callouts – facts and statistics that shed new light on Canada’s small business economy and workforce
  • 40+ Tips, Activities and Actions -  specific actions SME owners can take right now to attract, engage and retain their workforce
  • Planning templates and links to unique resources
  • Special sections for workforce suggestions for new graduates, the ageing workforce and family businesses
  • 50-60 pages, available in English and French
  • An exploration of top career management issues based on best practices research and interviews with SMEs across Canada from different sectors, and the guidance of an Advisory Committee
  • Innovative “travel guide” format with easy-to-implement activities that can be accomplished in as little as 10 minutes a day (worksheets and additional references included)
  • Focus on developing skills, knowledge and abilities of employees to retain talent and contribute more to the business
  • Connections between career management to the biggest barriers for small business (e.g., cash flow, time management, desire for growth) and addresses prime concerns (e.g., perceived lack of scope for career progression in flat organizations).

Retain and Gain is published by CERIC


Praise for this book....

“Canada’s business profile is overwhelmingly positioned in the small and medium-sized business space; these businesses are the backbone of the communities we call home. Often, within their daily operations, there is not time for business owners and managers to accomplish all that is necessary for success – including the time to think about critical human resource planning. That is why we are so pleased to be part of the Career Management Playbook for Small Business; this resource provides realistic tools to assist  small and medium-sized businesses in attracting and retaining employees who will become an important part of their future success strategy.”  

Perrin Beatty
President and CEO
Canadian Chamber of Commerce

“The most important part of any business is, at the end of the day, its people. Investing in employees’ career development is key to promoting an innovative and productive workplace culture – successful companies cultivate a workforce comprised of people who feel fulfilled, valued and nurtured in their jobs. Some businesses recognize this but lack either the resources or a full understanding of how to effectively provide this, and that’s why the type of support provided by CERIC is so essential.”

Honourable Brad Duguid
Minister of Economic Development and Growth
Province of Ontario

“An innovative and important resource for small businesses owners looking to scale up. Our consultations with young entrepreneurs and supporters across the country have shown that acquiring and retaining talent is critical to facilitating business growth – and this Playbook provides much-needed tools to achieve that. ”

Julia Deans, CEO
Futurpreneur Canada

“This is a smart, accessible, action focused resource for small business owners and managers who understand that helping employees grow and develop is essential to the success of any organization big or small.  In this book, Lisa shares her expertise and passion in career management and makes the learning fun!”

Russel Baskin
Director, Programming and Education
Family Enterprise Xchange

"The Retain and Gain Playbook is a foundational guide for every entrepreneur and small business owner to attract and retain a successful team through focusing on employee career development and smart planning. Providing options and examples underpinned by data, the Playbook is perfect for the busy business owner who needs to support and scale high-performance teams." 

Victoria Lennox, Co-Founder and CEO 
Start-Up Canada

In Canada, 99.7% of all businesses with employees are small- or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with the vast majority of organizations falling into the category of “micro business,” employing 10 or fewer employees. In 2015, SMEs employed 90.3% of the private sector workforce (10.5 million Canadians).

In 2014, CERIC (Canadian Education and Research Institute in Counselling) conducted an Environics survey that identified career and talent management as a critical and unserved issue for Canadian SMEs. Until now, most resources for entrepreneurs and SME owners focus on how to finance their enterprises. However, in a study conducted by author Lisa Taylor it was discovered that the following issues keep SME owners up at night:

  • 83% worried about engaging and retaining employees
  • 66.7% indicated finding the right talent and recruitment was a challenge
  • 61.1% were concerned about developing new leadership candidates and Managers
  • 50% wondered how to provide career development opportunities for employees throughout their careers with limited opportunities for promotion
  • 50% worried about compensating and rewarding employees (although only 38% of respondents indicated they were worried about managing tight salary budgets in a competitive market)
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