Lisa is a trailblazer intent on challenging outdated career thinking. She understands what's driving the Future of Work and her company—Challenge Factory—tackles every aspect of the issue with real world solutions.

The talent revolution is Lisa’s second wave of innovation. In the 1990s she led strategic and technical projects when early-adopting institutions moved their back-end processes onto the nascent Internet. Today, she offers a dynamic perspective on how workforce-focused innovation offers organizations a similar opportunity to transform outdated business models and gain strategic advantage. In 2014, Lisa was recognized as one of Canada’s top women city builders by the Urban Land Institute. In 2015 she was awarded Canada’s “Outstanding Career Leader” by Career Professionals of Canada.

With an MBA in Strategic Management and Public Administration from the Schulich School of Business at York University, Lisa was a senior consultant with Deloitte and held Practice Lead, National Managing Principal and Global Team roles with Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co. She sits on a variety of Boards and is a frequent conference keynote speaker and media commentator.

Popular Keynotes

Winning the Talent Revolution Admist Technological Change

Change is happening. The world is now more closely connected and population migration has created a diverse and blended workforce. We benefit from greater connectivity, and a deeper understanding of how our brains work; however we are challenged by emerging talent trends and business models. Daily news reports purport a thriving gig economy and the impending replacement of jobs by a robot workforce. But what’s myth and what is reality? How does AI, robotics and the platform economy impact how jobs are designed and what we need to do to adapt? Employees need to be prepared for the jobs that don't exist yet but will be a core part of thriving in a new global economy.

Inherently human, we want to make sense of what’s happening, to equip ourselves to adapt and thrive amidst constant change. This talk breaks down the drivers of change and identifies the technological and talent related implications. Using demographics, Lisa takes an intergenerational approach to workforce changes and shows how leaders can transform their organization to become winners in the talent revolution.

Social Rituals, Longevity and Legacy

At work, the rituals we celebrate feel empty over time. Think of the office birthday cake: fun for employees in their 20’s, but awkward for employees in their 60’s. Rituals exist to acknowledge accomplishment and connect people. Yet, while we have rituals to mark life’s beginnings, what about life’s middles or transition points? The middles are where real life and real legacies are created. This talk reveals the untapped opportunity to ritualize lifelong accomplishment and legacy building.

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