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Challenge Factory is recognized as one of North America's leading authorities on the shifting workforce demographics and the Talent Revolution affecting all businesses.


Keynote and workshop topics:

5 Trends to Know Today about the Future of Work

This high paced, research based talk focuses on five key trends that every leader needs to know in order to thrive in today’s Talent Revolution. Building on research from the upcoming book, The Talent Revolution, this talk delivers real-world examples to make sense of ever-changing workforce and workplace dynamics.

The Uberfication of Work and Careers

It used to be that employees worked inside organizations with mandates to provide products and/or services to the market. Today, contractor-filled organizations provide platforms to allow others to bring products and services to market. While many see this shift as negative we see it as an opportunity. Smart leaders will recognize how the “uberfication” of work has unlocked new opportunities – for both organizations and individuals. In this keynote talk Lisa challenges the audience to avoid the trap of precarious thinking, challenge outdated career assumptions and design the workforce structures that that workforce of 2020 and 2030 will need.


The “Big Ideas” Series

Talent is the new Internet – Leading through revolutionary times

Over the last century and a half we have moved from the industrial age to an era where finance, operations, customer service, marketing, and technology have all radically changed. The way work is done and the jobs that are available have shifted over that time. Through all of these evolutions and revolutions the employment question has always focused on “jobs.” Now, as we enter the era of the talent revolution, the way we think about, land and succeed in our vocations is being challenged. It is no longer about “jobs.” It is now about the “work.”

Using the work of Michael Dertouzos (The Unfinished Revolution – 2001) and Jaron Lanier (Who Owns the Future), we examine this moment in time – when the technological revolution is just fulfilling on its promises and value is shifting to reward those that “own” knowledge.

This talk focuses on trends and research for Executives and Senior Managers.

You have a Broken Talent Escalator®

Organizations have Broken Talent Escalators® - talent structures that assume people will step off when they reach the traditional retirement age set in the 1930s. But many Boomers today are simply not ready to step away from work. Whether by choice or circumstance, these seasoned employees are staying on the top step of your talent escalator, rather than stepping off into unknown territory. As they take a step back each time the stair disappears under the floor they use their current role as a treadmill – not moving forward and causing a treadmill effect to occur throughout your entire workforce. The hard and soft costs of your Broken Talent Escalator® are significant.

In this address, Lisa will discuss how fixing your talent succession and leadership development issues must start at the top – with your 50+ workforce – if you are to see a return on your investment. Get your escalators moving with strategies that assume full 2014 working lifespans.

This talk provides practical case studies for Managers of all levels.

Legacy Careers®  – A Demographic Story

“Freedom 55” just isn’t relevant anymore. Employees want and need to work well into their 60s and 70s and why shouldn't they? Life spans now reach almost 90 and 25 years is too long to be “on vacation.”

Research shows that Boomers will continue working longer but not necessarily in the jobs they currently have. What are the innovative ways to keep your Boomer employees engaged? How do you balance this group’s career and lifestyle needs with corporate goals and morale across all demographics?

We’ll discuss the latest research about career path innovation for workers 50+. We’ll share case studies and discuss the risks and rewards of Legacy Careers® programs for your workplace.

This talk is applicable to any audience.

Leading from the Baseline: Sport-inspired Career Leadership Lessons

Today's leaders are asked to play a lot of roles. At times, they are the coach. Other times, they are the team manager. Still others, they take critical roles on the field. Sometimes they have to make hard calls and decide who is offside. Through it all, there is an expectation of sportsmanship, competitiveness and ever increasing performance.

In this Keynote Address Career and Leadership expert Lisa Taylor is joined by Raf Choudhury, who is the 21U Head coach of Womens Team Ontario (provincial), Member of Great Britain's National Baseball Team and an NCCP Faciltator/Instructor. He also owns one of the county's leading sport training facilities, Baseline Sports. Together, they bring current leadership challenges and opportunities to light with sport-related stories, lessons and take-aways. 

The Power of Stories – Fiction, Leadership and Career Development

Did you know that reading fiction has been found to increase empathy? In a British study, various types of reading material were tested to see what the overall effect was on those that consume it. The findings, while logical, are intriguing. You learn and become more proficient in what you spend more time reading about. If you read about astronomy you will learn astronomy. If you read fiction (especially romantic fiction) you will learn about complex human dynamics, relationships and become more empathetic – a key leadership competency.

Challenge Factory uses fiction as part of our career exploration and transition work. We will discuss the role fiction can play in significant  career transition and leadership development initiatives.

This talk is applicable to any audience.

The Career Skills Series

Finding Your Next Step – How Boomers can avoid becoming "previously important people"

If your identity has been tied to your workplace for the last few decades, it can be difficult to consider what will come next after you leave your current role. Even when we are dissatisfied with our job or ready to move on, it is challenging to define who you are outside of what you do. "Previously important people" syndrome strikes when you feel the need to introduce yourself or define your value in terms of what you previously did. But you are more than your job title, company brand or industry sector. This address or workshop provides tools and tips for identifying what you want to do next and the unique value you bring.

Networking with Intent

Many career changers, corporate leaders and sales professionals cite “networking” as a key method used to find new opportunities, grow their client base and expand their businesses. But what’s the ROI on all of the breakfast, lunch, cocktail, coffee and gold time being spent?

Networking with Intent starts with specific goals and a strategic plan. It allows you to allocate your time and energy developing fewer relationships that lead to greater success.

This address will showcase some of the great networking successes and failures and challenge the audience to think more strategically about this critical business and career enhancing activity.

Lisa Taylor

Lisa TaylorLisa is a trailblazer intent on challenging outdated career thinking. She understands how demographics are driving strategic changes to today’s workplace reality and her company—Challenge Factory—tackles every aspect of the issue with real world solutions.

The talent revolution is Lisa’s second wave of innovation. In the 1990s she led strategic and technical projects when early-adopting institutions moved their back-end processes onto the nascent Internet. Today, she offers a dynamic perspective on how demographics and talent patterns offer organizations a similar opportunity to transform outdated business models and gain strategic advantage. In 2014, Lisa was recognized as one of Canada’s top women city builders by the Urban Land Institute. In 2015 she was awarded Canada’s “Outstanding Career Leader” by Career Professionals of Canada.

With an MBA in Strategic Management and Public Administration from the Schulich School of Business at York University, Lisa was a senior consultant with Deloitte and held Practice Lead, National Managing Principal and Global Team roles with Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co.

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