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Businesswoman“Challenge Factory gave an engaging and thought provoking presentation to our members most of whom advise business families.  The presentation was research based and interactive a great combination when presenting to successful professionals at the end of their work day.  They were friendly and very professional.”

– Executive Director, Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors

“Challenge Factory brings intelligence and new thinking to every initiative. Their enthusiasm and energy creates momentum and their attention to project management sustains it. A team you can count on.”

 Talent Management Leader, Ontario Nurses’ Association

“Challenge Factory is a pleasure to work with. While they are wonderfully organized and detail oriented, they keep their eyes on the end goal, making them a resource you can count on to get results. Whatever the project, they tackle it with enthusiasm, proficiency and originality. I look forward to working with Challenge Factory again and recommend them highly.”

– President, Communications Firm

“Challenge Factory delivered a very informative and engaging presentation on "Talking with Hiring Managers" to our Internationally Trained HR And Supply Chain professionals. The style was very enthusiastic, open and inviting to questions. The presentation was very professional and relevant to our clients' needs. Thank you Challenge Factory for your support and dedicating your time to our organization. I would recommend you for future presentations.”

– Manager, Employment Ontario Agency

“Lisa is a visionary person with strong leadership qualities and a keen ability to work seamlessly across business unit boundaries to achieve the desired outcome.”

– National Business Development Manager, Global IT Company

“Lisa, and the whole Challenge Factory team, is the best strategist I know. Few people possess the capability to both DEVELOP AND EXECUTE a strategy. Translating a vision takes skill, but operationalizing it by "bringing the ropes to the ground" is even more rare. Lisa brings innovation, creativity and a brilliance to her work like none other. I would always want her on my team.”

– Global Marketing Manager, IT Services Company


Businessman“I am 44 years-old and lead a successful investment advisory practice for a mid-sized U.S. financial institution.  Building the advisory practice over the past three years was extremely rewarding and I had reached an important crossroads in my career.  I felt isolated and alone as I began thinking about new possibilities to apply my skills.  

A work colleague referred me to Challenge Factory and I enrolled in the Career Exploration program. Periodic meetings with a career coach over the course of my career never seemed to produce a clear road map.  I was afraid that Challenge Factory might be more of the same.  Wow, was I wrong.  The C.F. Professional Assessment Survey combined with reflective writing exercises and one-on-one coaching sessions provided clarity on my talents, passions, and needs.  My Challenge Factory coach helped me identify key themes to evaluate both my current position and new possibilities. 

Challenge Factory is the best investment of time and money I have ever made in my career.  I'm thrilled to finally have a career road map that reflects my individual talents and passions.”

– Mid-career financial executive seeking the next level of challenge and reward in his career

“My whole job hunt changed. When I first started I was all over the map. I didn't know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go. I was searching for roles that were comfortable and familiar. Now, I know I want something in a totally different field. I had assumed as a writer I couldn't get a corporate job, and now I see all the jobs and opportunities available to me. If it weren't for Challenge Factory I would likely be a mid-level manager in an IT company and pretty miserable. We all search for an identity, and with everything that has happened in my life lately I was questioning everything and seeking stability. But going back to what's comfortable reflects who I was before - not who I am today. Nowadays, people's personal and professional lives are not as clearly delineated. Everything bleeds into one another. Thank you for helping me, Lisa and Challenge Factory. You were instrumental in helping me transition from the mirky and into clear waters!”

– Mid-level executive returning to the workforce after a long work sabbatical

“My career focus is more realistic and attainable. I needed the structure and down-to-earth guidance that your group program provided.”

Career Services professional over age 50 seeking a new role instead of traditional retirement - who landed her "SweetSpot" job less than 2 weeks after completing the program

“Thank you so much for this morning's call. I can't tell you how inspired I am now as a result of our discussion. Your key unlocked the vault that is my mind - HA!

I can now see a future as a technical writer or position along those lines. You and Lisa really helped give me the clarity I need to propel myself forward without reservation or intimidation.”

– Mid-career transitioner who had to adapt to changing family needs and circumstances

“I believe career transition is like navigating a forest trail. As such Wayne and Cayla have provided tremendous value in helping me find the right direction and advice to get there.

The Compass:
Cayla has added great value my career transition. She was able to quickly understand my goal and connect me to great resources.  She really helped me greatly when I had moments of doubts. 

The Guide:
Wayne has provided me tremendous help and clarity to my career transition. I am not sure where to start. For one he is excellent at listening at what you indented goals are. He is able to provide, not only great advice on the matter but, extensive amount of resources, tools, books, and services to help you close in on your goals. He kept a high degree of professionalism and accountability. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wayne for anyone who feels like they are working hard but not able to make great strides toward their goals.”

– Mid-career transitioner on a new path to success

“The CF team of talented, knowledgeable and caring people spent many hours working with me over the course of a six-month period.  Peeling back layers, listening, coaching, challenging and questioning my thinking; helping me distill pages and pages of information (gathered using formal online tools, assessments and from my personal experiences) to ultimately bulls-eye my career Sweetspot.

With all the benefits of having completed the Challenge Factory programme, I'm excited about finding my next role within a GTA based organization, I can't wait to roll up my sleeves and work at what I love doing - growing business and delivering results.”

– Plus-50 Media Executive 

“[Challenge Factory's] approach is so unique and insightful. The program started with a comprehensive 73 page report all about me. The report was fascinating and I felt every insight was legitimate. It got me in touch with my talents and provided a foundation for the journey I was on. And it was so simple, like Dorothy's ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. She always had the power to achieve what she wanted, it was just a matter or realizing it was within her all along. 

I have recommended Challenge Factory to several people already. As soon as I tell them about what I'm discovering, they immediately ask for Lisa's phone number. Lisa and her team at Challenge Factory are doing great work; they are unlocking human potential, what could be more purposeful and powerful than that.”

– Chief Operating Officer exploring future opportunities

"I wanted to send you a quick thank you, again, for taking time out of your very busy schedule this morning to meet with me. I really, really appreciated all your thoughts and insights, and came away feeling that you really heard what I was saying. You gave me reason to hope again that there might indeed be ways for me to find greater job satisfaction and fulfillment and I guess, find a way to contribute.”

– 50+ Media Industry Professional looking for more meaningful work 

“I just wanted to give you an update and thank you again. Your advice really helped me and it helped me find a job that I really enjoy :). Shortly after our last email, one of my contacts I met during my experiment month messaged me back with another contact for me to meet. That contact ended up offering me a job at the lunch meeting and I started this past Monday.

I am working at [company name removed] now, as a project coordinator and am really enjoying it so far. So thank you again for your help. Talking with you gave me direction for how to tackle my situation and it helped me succeed.”

– Recent graduate seeking meaningful work in a tough economy

“I found today's meeting extremely valuable. Your ability to listen, reflect, distill and share suggestions has enabled me to both validate my options and consider them in a somewhat different light. Your confidence in me also provided motivation to continue living my legacy and to surround myself with supporters, beyond the friends and family network”

–  Corporate Trainer and Sales Professional to Coach in private practice

“My first reaction is a total wow! I can't believe what a difference this format makes! And you managed to get the key ideas across while driving home differentiators about me that I was incapable of doing myself!

I need two days to dive into the details, compare to the old draft to make sure the key, measurable accomplishments are in there, and make sure, with arm's length perspective, it achieves the overall goal.

Through bleary eyes, I can tell you I feel completely different and energized to tackle the job search with renewed energy and focus, knowing I'll have documents that really make me stand out from the crowd. My most sincere thanks.”

– Senior Executive ready to move to the C-Suite

“The Challenge Factory offers many specific programs that are tailored to the career needs of a large demographic and as a result, I registered for the Mid-Career Transition Program. Being new to this type of experience, I was extremely impressed by their uniqueness and fresh approach to career transitioning. Being of mid-fifties vintage, Challenge Factory has convinced me the best years of my career still lay ahead.

Making use of their formal assessments, on-line tools and the professional coaches at the Challenge Factory, I have been fortunate to engage in this process and am well on my way to uncovering my SweetSpot along with the ability to “test drive” my next career to make it a reality.

The professionalism of the Challenge Factory’s staff coupled with their unique approach to career transitioning is a winning recipe.

As their tag line states: “After-all, it’s your career. What are you waiting for?”

– Mid-career manager to Franchise owner

“It was a pleasure to experience a "day in the shoes of" Lucie Shaw as she managed her franchise of The Nurse Next Door. Her enthusiasm for the employee, the client, the client’s family and the management of the business side by side with her family was infectious and inspiring to experience.

I shadowed Lucie through an early morning business networking breakfast to begin with. After that lively discussion we proceeded to consult one on one with several of her staff and clients in the home environment.

It was clear that a strong rapport and level of trust had developed between Lucie and her clients. I was very privileged to be allowed a tour of a very progressive nursing home where several of Lucie’s clients resided. Along the way we touched base with the representative of a brand new retirement village. During the morning we also met with a colleague who owned the neighboring franchise. He and Lucie were meeting jointly with another entrepreneur offering skills and expertise in retirement planning that might be of use to the clients of Nurse Next Door (more networking and an example of the services offered to their clients).

The day ended with an in depth review of her office procedures and policies, meeting her very keen staff and her family who are very involved in the business as well.

All in all it was a very dynamic and informative day. It was well worth the experience and I gained a real insight into the commitment and work required to run a successful franchise opportunity.”

– Downsized Boomer seeking more flexible work that is closer to home

“Lisa and her colleagues at Challenge Factory are truly experts in helping people steer towards the right career path.

In addition to a well thought out process to identify the intersection of skills, interests, personal needs and the realities in the marketplace, Lisa has an exceptional ability to open your eyes to opportunities you may never have know existed.

Lisa is fun to work with, demonstrates the highest level of integrity and most importantly delivers results.

I highly recommend Lisa and Challenge Factory to anyone who wants to find the right career path.”

– Financial Services Executive ready for next step in her career

“Lisa Taylor was an invaluable resource in assisting me with my short-term goal of positioning my overseas professional experience for re-entry into the Toronto job market. She listened to my concerns and then responded with focused and goal-oriented solutions! I feel much more confident in my job search plan and am looking forward to working with Lisa again on longer term career objectives. I would highly recommend her services to professionals looking to take their career to the next level.”

– Mid-Career legal professional seeking challenging, meaningful role

“Taking stock of one’s career is a great exercise. All too often you see folks feeling like they are being forced to continue on a particular path and not always seeing that they can choose what could be a great career move.

I found Challenge Factory as I was doing this exercise. Their approach, though a carefully crafted review of where I want to be… rather than where I have to be… helped to define my vision for my future.

I’m in a fast paced high pressure job but manage to squeeze in some hobbies and one of the outcomes of working with the Challenge Factory coach was to immerse me in a day-in-the-life of someone who makes a living doing what I do for fun.

Imagine being able to do that and get a true picture of what it would be like to be something you only dream about! You can’t go wrong with this approach. You win if you know it really is for you and you win if you find out that it really is not!

My journey continues and adding the innovations of Challenge Factory to my self evaluation process saves me time and helps me build on my vision of my future.

Give it a try you have nothing to lose!”

– IT Sales and Technical Manager exploring turning a hobby into a Legacy Career

“When I made my own transition from litigation lawyer to fine furniture designer/craftsman, I really had no idea what I was doing, where I was headed or where to get answers to my questions. Giving insight to others making such a transition is very rewarding because I haven't forgotten how it felt to make such an overwhelming change without answers. To know where you're headed, you need to understand where you've been. It's a tough road to walk, but worth every step once you get to the other side.”

– Lawyer to Fine Furniture Craftsman


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