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Question of Style FAQs


FAQs for the Research Study: A Question of Style 

How does working style impact Veteran hiring in Canada?

1. I am a Veteran and now I have a civilian career. Should I respond as a Veteran or as an Employer?

We recommend completing the study as a Veteran. You will be asked questions that will let us know how long it has been since you released and that you are currently working in a civilian career. We are interested in examining Veteran working skills over time (post-release) as well as employer perceptions of Veterans and their skills. As a Veteran, we are most interested in your own responses as opposed to your impressions of other Veterans.

2. I am a serving Member. How can I get a personal report if I haven't given any identifying information?

As part of the DGMPRA Social Science Research Review Board approval process we were directed that we cannot ask questions that could lead to CAF Members being able to be personally identified. As a result, we are not able to provide personal reports for CAF Members. Veterans are asked additional optional questions that allow us to generate confidential, personal reports based on their responses.

Currently serving CAF Members who wish to know more information about the study and our findings should send an email to We will ensure we invite you to a webinar this fall where we discuss the overall findings. A reminder to contact us is provided on the final “thank you” page of the assessment.

3. I have a release date. Should I participate as a serving Member or a Veteran?

It is up to you to determine if you will complete the Member or Veteran version of the assessment. Our general guidance is that analysis of the data will be completed in September. If you will be a Veteran by mid-September and if you are no longer on active duty you should consider completing the Veteran version of the assessment. If you are still on active duty or have a release date later than mid-September, please complete the CAF Member version of the assessment.

4. Who are you looking for to complete the “employer” version of this study? I work in a company, but am not in HR. Should I participate?

Yes! Our “employer” participants represent anyone who works in a civilian work environment that is involved in any aspect of hiring. This includes anyone who participates in recruitment, interviews or onboarding of new hires. You do not have to have ever hired a Veteran or know anything about Veterans to participate.

5. Why are some of the questions so strange, asking about how I would prioritize things that I never think about?

These questions are all part of evidence-based tests that provide insight into your decision making style. The focus is on how you make decisions and not the specific decision you make. This assessment tool is used in organizations around the world as part of leadership programs. It is common to feel that the questions are unusual or to find that the repetitive nature of some sections is frustrating. This is part of how psychometric tools are designed and validated.

6. What are you going to do with the information?

The information will be analyzed to search for trends which can help quantify how military experience translates to civilian workplace skill. We are also evaluating how employer bias or perception of Veteran workplace style and skill match or deviate from actual, measured workplace style and skill. All personal identifiers and information gathered will be used only to generate and send personal reports to Veteran participants. Personal identifiers and information will be removed from the data prior to any analysis on the overall study findings.

7. How is this study going to help me and other Veterans?

By participating, you will contribute to better data available to assist Veterans now and in the future while identifying specific information corporate managers need to understand the value of Veteran candidates. Your completion of the assessment will contribute to companies finding the candidates they need and to ensure that new data is available to support Veterans better as they make their transition to civilian life. If you have already released and complete the Veteran version of this study, you will also receive a comprehensive leadership assessment report and be invited to a webinar where we will help you read the report. The report identifies your working style, workplace behaviours, motivators, acumen levels and competencies, in civilian language and benchmarked to the thousands of civilian Canadian leaders who have taken this same assessment in the past.

8. As an employer, how will this study help me hire more Veterans in future?

This study will provide specific, quantified profiles of Veteran leadership, communication and business skills, benchmarked to the Canadian population that has taken the same assessment in the past. By asking employers to participate in the study responding to questions as if there were a Veteran, we are able to create a complementary profile that reflects what employers believe to be true about Veterans and compare these perceptions with actual results. Gaps identified will provide opportunities to enhance and improve recruitment processes, on-boarding materials and manager training programs.

We note that this study may highlight bias and perceptions impacting the recruitment and onboarding of Veterans within workplaces and believe that the findings will also be informative about how bias and perception impact recruitment and onboarding in general, whether the employee is a Veteran, newcomer or other group where preconceived ideas may or may not present realistic expectations.

9. What does it mean to be a sponsor of this study? 

Sponsorship ensures that we can offer webinars and education sessions about the findings of the study to Veterans and other beneficiaries at no charge to participants. You will be recognized as a project sponsor in all communication and acknowledged in the webinars and education sessions. 

There is also an opportunity to be a project champion. We work with our project champions to tailor final reports to provide more detailed analysis, tools and guidance to companies looking to understand how their own recruitment, onboarding, leadership development and career support initiatives can benefit from the learnings in this study. We can deliver customized sessions to managers, provide tailored reports that identify how your company compares to all employers who participated in the study or design specific initiatives for your recruitment staff or Veteran employees. 

To explore the benefits of being a project sponsor or project champion, please conact Lisa Taylor.

Click the applicable button to start your participation. 

En savoir plus sur cette étude ci-dessous (en anglais) ou cliquez sur le bouton applicable pour obtenir des informations en français et pour commencer votre participation.


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