Challenge Factory helps both employees and employers embrace the Future of Work with solutions and strategies to supercharge workforces and capitalize on today's trends.

We are research-based, tracking five critical workforce drivers. We offer new thinking and tools to organizations looking to understand the Future of Work and capitalize on today's Talent Revolution. Our research informs new consulting approaches and methdology. Our consulting experience generates new curriculum and training programs. Our learners identify new issues and areas for our research to explore. We bring a research-to-practice-to-research approach to every engagement and project that we work on.

We believe in:

  • hyper collaboration: we see creative partnership opportunities at every turn and know how to make them work
  • co-creation: we lend our knowledge and expertise to build the Future of Work together with our clients
  • capacity building: we develop talent trailblazers and resillient organizations who capitalize on today's changing workplace



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