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Workforce Analytics and Analysis

For decades, technology has been the significant disruptor in the workplace. 

>> Today, it’s talent.

Workforce Analytics and Analysis Centre for Career Innovation
Workforce Strategy Consulting

Changing demographics and a freelance economy are changing the workforce. Ensure you have the data you need to make smart decisions for your organizations.

From data models to workforce trend analysis, white papers to video series, we have the tools, insight and analysis you need to make good workforce and succession planning decisions. 

Browse our library of resources or speak with us about customized research and analytics designed to unlock the hidden risks and opportunities within your workforce.


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You need to understand how your workforce will change over the next 15 years. You know you may be facing leadership or skill shortages and need sound data models that combine demographics, performance management, engagement and other information to enable smart workforce strategy. Our models assist you in building your business case and implementing effective, powerful programs.

Before deciding to revamp failing recruitment, onboarding, leadership development or succession management programs get the data you need to design programs that address the root cause of your issues.

Contact us today to discuss how our analytical tools and models can support your workforce and succession planning needs.

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Challenge Factory initiates its own research and works with industry and academic partners to explore all aspects of the Future of Work. Here is/are the studies we are currently conducting. Let us know if you are looking for a collaborative industry partner for your research initiative.

A Question of Style - How does working and communication style impact Veteran hiring in Canada?

This research will produce one of the first quantitative studies of Veteran career transition and help us understand how communication style may be affecting how military candidates are hired for civilian positions. The project includes multiple partners providing funding, research or dissemination support: Target Training International (TTI), CERIC, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF – Department of Casualty Support Management), Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), Canadian Special Operations Regiment Association, Treble Victor and Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur.

This study involves currently serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans and employers. Participants will complete a formal assessment that will provide data to support quantifiable findings related to military working style, communication style and employer perceptions of military candidates. To participate in this study or for more information, please email our research team.

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Popular Blog Posts

Dr. Khatri becomes Challenge Factory's first Scientist in Residence. This award-winning psychologist and gerontologist supports good data and good science as a path to healthier, more productive workplaces.

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In this week’s budget, the Liberal Government will announce that they are returning the eligibility age for OAS back to 65. In recent years, the previous Conservative government had shifted the eligibility age to 67, mirroring moves in many other countries.

Since Prime Minister Trudeau declared this intention, first in the federal campaign and then in this recent Bloomberg News interview, I’ve been asked by many to react.

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I am often asked if I feel any responsibility towards youth in this country who struggle to find decent work, i.e. “Isn’t irresponsible to focus on retaining 50+ workers in the workforce when there are so many recent graduates that need jobs?”

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White papers:

Twice a year Challenge Factory releases a white paper highlighting the most significant trends, research and practical solutions client organizations face. Subscribe to receive these reports. Included in your annual subscription are two webinars that features the key findings from each white paper released during the year.

Sample whitepaper:

PDF Turning an Aging Workforce Into a Competitve Advantage (What every CEO needs to know)


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Assess your organization’s workforce – Is your organization Talent Revolution Ready? Assess your talent escalator to find out.

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